Farok Hamod (Al-Samarai), Ph.D.

Farok Hamod (Al-Samarai) is Professor of Islamic Studies. A native of Iraq, he is co-founder and President of the Islamic University of Minnesota and the Islamic Jurisprudence Council of Minnesota. He holds the Doctor of Philosophy in Daawa and Education from the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hamod spent nine years at Al-Yarmook University in Jordan as Chairman of the Department of Religion Fundamentals and President of the Department of Higher Islamic Education. In his role in higher education, Dr. Hamod has supervised more than 60 Ph.D. and M.S. dissertations. He is the author of five books and more than 10 research papers related to Islamic education and thinking.  

Religious Affiliation

  • Muslim 
General Areas of Interest 
  • Education
  • Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Studies
Specialized Areas 
  • Islamic higher education
  • Daawa
  • Islamic jurisprudence
  • Arabic
  • English
Faculty Contact