Fall Institute
Fall Institute Sept. 11-15 The Classical Schools of Counseling and Their Relevance to Pastoral Issues (enroll now)...

Winter Institute
Winter Institute Nov. 13-17 Examining Approaches in Pastoral Nurture (Freud, Frankl, Maslow, Rogers) (enroll now)...

Now Online: July issue of Foundation Footnotes
The July 2017 issue of the Foundation Footnotes newsletter of the Graduate Theological Foundation is out now!

Foundation Theology 2016: Available Online
Foundation Theology is a collection of articles written by our students, faculty and alumni that is published annually for international distribution to research and educational institutions involved and interested in scholarship relevant to ministry professionals, including the cognates of ministry, chaplaincy, counseling, education, music, health care, and administration. Since 1984, the Graduate Theological Foundation has published the scholarship of its faculty and students, and, for the first time in 2015, its alumni, in this monograph format as a demonstration of the institution’s commitment to research and academic achievement. For over half a century, the GTF has sought to balance faith and scholarship, believing and knowing, prayer and study. Balancing openness and freedom of thought with humility of an inquiring mind, our students, faculty and alumni continue to address themselves in their life and through their work to the "big questions." This annual collection of articles clearly demonstrates our ongoing quest for understanding, compassion, and service...

Graduation 2017
The annual GTF Convocation and Graduation will be held on May 4th and 5th, 2017. Students who anticipate graduating in May of 2017 should be aware of the deadlines for all academic work, February 1st, and for all financial obligations, March 1st. Please click here for more information on the 2017 Convocation and Graduation.

Collegiate-level Teaching Appointments
During the Foundation’s years of providing doctoral-level degree programs, many graduates have received university, college, and seminary teaching appointments. In order to share that information with alumni/ae and current students, the Foundation has chosen to now post such teaching appointments on the website.