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Following is a statement from President Dr. Kendra Clayton and Board Chairman Dr. Paul Kirbas concerning the current crisis of our country:
The Graduate Theological Foundation stands in solidarity and mourning with the family of George Floyd as the world grieves his senseless and brutal murder at the hands of those who are charged to protect and serve. We recognize this most recent murder as a manifestation of the systemic racism and resulting racial violence and injustice that has been a part of the fabric of this country for over 400 years. We join the members of the GTF community who denounce racism in all its forms and who call for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, the most recent in a sickeningly long list of Black and Brown people murdered because of the color of their skin. We stand with those who mourn and peacefully protest the murder of George Floyd and so many others who have had their lives cut short due to the sin of racism. We call upon our country's leaders to work for peace and justice, rather than flame the fires that are burning throughout our country and world.