Residential Institutes

Students in the June 2016 Institute, a week-long seminar with a theme of "The Classical Schools of Counseling and Their Relevance to Pastoral Issues."

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The Graduate Theological Foundation provides the opportunity for students to engage in on-site intensive weeks of study at the administrative offices of the GTF through attendance at a GTF Institute. These Institutes are offered four times a year and cover a variety of topics relevant to ministry professionals. Each Institute runs for five days (Monday-Friday) on a specific theme consisting of two separate seminars, morning and afternoon.
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June 11-15, 2018-- Registration deadline:  May 14, 2018
Seminar Titles: 
  • a.m.  Defining Ministry in a Changing World
  • p.m.  Clergy Stress and Satisfaction in the Workplace

September 10-14, 2018  -- Registration deadline: August 27, 2018
Seminar Titles: 
  • a.m.   Meaning and Personhood in Psychotherapy
  •  p.m.   Personhood and Relationships in Psychotherapy 

November 12-16 , 2018 -- Registration deadline: October 29, 2018
Topic: The Classical Schools of Counseling and Their Relevance to Pastoral Issues
Seminar Titles: 
  • a.m.  Clinical Psychology in the Pastoral Setting
  • p.m. The Nature of Ministry in Pastoral Care Professions