Clinical Skills Assessment Practicum (CSAP)

Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

Residency Requirements
The residency requirement consists of a five day on-site Clinical Skills Assessment Practicum (CSAP) after completion of all of the E-Tutorial required courses.* The Clinical Practicum is hosted at the Graduate Theological Foundation’s administrative offices in Mishawaka, Indiana. The student is responsible for accommodations and meal costs during the week.  The dates for the practicum are arranged individually between the student and the Office of Student Services.  By special arrangements, students may also fulfill the CSAP requirement using videoconferencing in cases where on-site residency is not possible.
Residency Papers
Each participant is to bring five case studies from his/her professional experience in counseling to the clinical practicum for discussion and comment. They are to be formally written and copies may be made on site as needed during the practicum. The final paper (15-20 pages) is to be a re-write of one or more of the case studies brought by the participant following the Clinical Practicum reflecting insights gained by the participant from the review-and-comment assessment of the case study or studies. The Practicum is usually a one-on-one encounter with the program’s Director/Tutor but as many as four Psy.D. candidates may be invited to participate in the Practicum.
Description of how to write a Case Study (click here)
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NOTE: The student should bring a hard copy of each of the “final papers” written for the required E-Tutorials for purposes of reference and review during the Practicum.