Graduate Certificate Programs

GTF certificates are graduate-level, non-degree programs designed for ministry/social service professionals seeking to increase their knowledge and competency in a specific area of study.  Each certificate requires completion of an online curriculum tailored to the student’s specific interests and needs.  Whether for personal enrichment or professional enhancement, GTF certificate programs provide a flexible and affordable opportunity for in-depth, specialized graduate study.

  • Graduate Certificate in Theology                                   
  • Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Psychology                   
  • Graduate Certificate in Canon Law
  • Graduate Certificate in Mediation                                  
  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership                                 
  • Graduate Certificate in Spirituality  
  • Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Logotherapy  (click link to view this specialized certificate offered through the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy)
  • Postdoctoral Graduate Certificate in Clinical Psychotherapy (click link to view requirements of this specialized certificate)      
Academic Requirements
Each certificate requires completion of five online GTF E-Tutorial courses (15 credits) of the student’s choice in the corresponding area of study.  
Students receive a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the five-course curriculum with a grade of A or B in each course. 
Certificates may be applied for 15 graduate-level academic credits toward a relevant GTF degree program.
Time Frame
A certificate program can be completed in 18 months. Students will take one E-Tutorial course at a time, and can work at their own pace. Students may enroll in their first course immediately upon acceptance to the certificate program and payment of first installment.
A GTF certificate costs $6,000.  This is paid in five installments of $1,200, with payment due before registering for each course.
Students who apply a completed certificate toward a relevant GTF degree will receive a $6,000 tuition reduction.
Who Can Apply?
Certificate programs are open to non-degree students, current GTF students and GTF alumni, who hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) and have a minimum of five years involvement in paid or volunteer ministry or social service work.
How to Apply
Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year.