Practicum in Pastoral Logotherapy

Practicum in Pastoral Logotherapy
(This Practicum is open to students enrolled in any of the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy degree programs, and to students enrolled in the GTF’s Doctor of Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology degree programs.)
Faculty Tutor: Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Murasso, Diplomate of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Robert C. Leslie Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy
  • March 11-15, 2019
Location: Westbrook, Connecticut
Credits: NPO, two Units of Study or the fulfillment of the GCPL Practicum attendance requirement
Registration:  Please contact our offices.
Practicum in Pastoral Logotherapy Description
Pastoral Logotherapy/Spiritual Care & Counseling is ecumenically applicable.  The psycho-spiritual approach of Logotherapy, with an expanded focus to include Curative and Palliative Care, is offered to assist individual clients, parishioners and patients in finding personal meaning and purpose in their lives in spite of, or in the midst of short-term crises, long-term difficulties, and end of life issues.
The 5-day Practicum in Pastoral Logotherapy is moderated by a faculty person who holds both, the Diplomate in Logotherapy and a doctorate in a cognate field of counseling psychology. The Practicum consists of a small group of students in a seminar environment where students can share their personal ministerial/counseling experiences and also benefit from the experiences and expertise of the other participants.
The 5-day (approximately 24 to 26 hour) Practicum is praxis-oriented, focusing on the application of Viktor Frankl’s principles of Logotherapy in a variety of therapeutic environments, including, but not limited to, counseling in the pastoral and ministerial milieu. In addition, the Practicum will re-visit several of the Classical Schools of Psychotherapy studied in Unit One for the purpose of providing the student with a comparative, hands-on, roll-playing praxis with regard to the various psychotherapeutic schools.
Prior to attendance, each student will have read any pre-assigned text(s) required by the faculty moderator.  In addition, the student will prepare and bring a verbatim narrative of five (5) specific examples in counseling/pastoral/ ministerial settings in which the student has been involved.  Each student will have the opportunity to present his/her five (5) verbatim narratives during the 5-day Practicum, with collaborative input made by the other participants and the faculty moderator on the practical applications of Logotherapy as it applies to the student’s particular narrative.  For each of the presented examples, opportunities will be given for comparing and contrasting the principles and application of Logotherapy with several of the Classical Schools of Psychotherapy already studied, as well as some of the more recent schools of psychotherapy.
A final paper (approximately 12,000 words) is due within sixty (60) days following the 5-day Practicum.  The final paper provides the student the opportunity for exploring and applying the newly acquired skills learned during the Practicum.  The student will incorporate the input provided from the other participants, as well as the student’s additional reflections for expanding, elaborating on, or changing the logotherapeutic application initially utilized in the student’s five (5) verbatim narratives.  The final paper will also incorporate at least three (3) of the Classical Schools of Psychotherapy discussed during the week-long practicum, making pertinent application to the student’s narrative examples for comparison and contrasting purposes.
The intense 5-day Practicum in Pastoral Logotherapy/Spiritual Care & Counseling provides the student with a well-rounded and expanded appreciation for the contributions that the Classical Schools of Psychotherapy continue to make in the various counseling, pastoral, and ministerial settings.  In addition, the Practicum experience enables the student to better understand how the principles of Logotherapy utilize, and expand upon the various psychotherapeutic models.
APA style is highly recommended for this final paper, especially if publication is intended.
Required Readings
  • Frankl, Viktor.  Doctor and the Soul:  From Psychotherapy to Logotherapy. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2010
  • Murasso, Jeremiah.  Logotherapy and the Logos of God in Christic Wisdom.  Ontario, Canada: Guardian Books 
  • Leslie, Robert C.  Jesus as Counselor.  Abingdon, 1965*
  • Morgan, John H.  Clinical Psychotherapy:  A History of Theory and Practice.**
*This book is available from the GTF at no cost.  Please contact the GTF offices by email here to request your copy of this book. 
**This book can be purchased directly from the GTF by accessing the book order form.