Research Methodology Registration

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Research Methodology is a required reading/writing assignment for all students intending to write a thesis or project.
The Research Methodology text costs $19.95. The book is listed on the Book Order Form page; follow the link to place an order.
Registrants may call the Office of the Bursar to pay for the Research Methodology course by credit card between 9 AM and 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, at 1-800-423-5983 or 1-574-255-3642 (outside of the U.S. and Canada), or may send course payment to:
Graduate Theological Foundation
Office of the Bursar
Dodge House
415 Lincoln Way East
Mishawaka, Indiana 46544
Students may also pay for this course online here
Once your registration form and course payment have been received for the Research Methodology course,  supporting materials with description of the written assignment will be sent to you within one week.
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