Posts for February 2012

  • African American History: Ida B. Robinson & Benjamin E. Mays by Kyna

    Today marks not only the once-every-four-years Leap Day, it also marks the end of our month-long series in celebration of African American History Month.  We hope you've enjoyed the series and perhaps even learned something new about someone you admire, or learned of someone you might not have known of before.  This month, we've featured educators, activists, scholars and religious leaders from the 18th century up to the present-day:  Mary McLeod Bethune and Howard Thurman; E. Franklin Frazier and Harry Thacker Burleigh; Nannie Helen Burroughs and Warith Deen Muhammad; and Catherine Ferguson, Richard Allen and Rebecca Cox Jackson.  In our final post, we feature religious leader Ida B. Robinson and sociologist Benjamin E. Mays.

    If you've enjoyed this month's series on African American History, please let us know!  We'd love to hear from you.  Just click on "Register" to go through the free (and painless) registration process in order to comment on the Foundation blog.  You only need to do this once.  Do you have some names you would have liked to see in this series?  What are they?  What other historical or contemporary religious leaders and educators have influenced or inspired your ministry?

  • African American History: Catherine Ferguson, Richard Allen & Rebecca Cox Jackson by Kyna

    This is our final week of blog posts in celebration of African American History Month, and today we are featuring a number of instrumental and fascinating figures within religious history.  We're pleased to welcome The Rev. Dr. Ore Lee Spragin, Jr., as a contributor to the blog this week.  He is Professor of Church History here at the Foundation and the 2010 Macquarrie Fellow.  Please click here to visit his faculty profile.

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  • Register for a Foundation Institute Today! by Kyna

    The Graduate Theological Foundation offers residential institutes throughout the year in Indiana and in Florida.  Upcoming dates are listed below.  Each Institute is one week in length (Monday-Friday) and consists of a morning and an afternoon seminar; participants complete required readings, write personal responses and present their work to the group. Each Institute is focused on a particular area of study and is facilitated by a Foundation faculty member. 

    Participants are encouraged to present their personal responses to the readings from their own professional perspective...

  • African American History: Nannie Helen Burroughs & Warith Deen Muhammad by Kyna

    This week, we continue our celebration of African American History Month by featuring educator and activist Nannie Helen Burroughs and religious leader Imam Warith Deen Muhammad.   We’re pleased to welcome Imam Dr. Muhammad Hatim as a contributor to the blog this week.  He is Imam Warith Deen Muhammad Chair of African American Muslim Studies at the Foundation.

  • Teaching Opportunities for Foundation Doctoral Alumni by Kyna

    Through our College Out Reach Education (C.O.R.E.) Program, doctoral alumni of the Foundation have the opportunity to offer undergraduate-level courses in their own dioceses, parishes and faith communities for individuals who would like to earn a bachelor's degree through Cloverdale College, the undergraduate division of the Foundation.  This initiative was introduced a few years ago to engage Foundation alumni in a teaching role within their own communities. 

    Currently, there are CORE Programs in five different locations, four within the U.S. and one in West Africa.


  • African American History: E. Franklin Frazier & Harry Thacker Burleigh by Kyna

    We continue our celebration of African American History Month this week with a post on two major figures: E. Franklin Frazier, famed sociologist who focused on the black experience in America and black churches, and Harry Thacker Burleigh, singer, composer, and arranger.  This week, we welcome The Rev. Dr. C. Anthony Hunt as a contributor to the blog.  Dr. Hunt is E. Franklin Frazier Professor of African American Studies at the Foundation.

  • African American History Month Series by Kyna
    The Foundation is pleased to introduce a special series this month on African American religious leaders and educators in honor of February being African American History Month. Each week, we will post biographies of two people who have played a significant role within the religious life and educational history of the United States. We’re pleased that some of our faculty have been able to contribute their thoughts and information on a few of the individuals we will be posting about this month. This week, we feature Mary McLeod Bethune and Howard Thurman.
    Have either of these people influenced your life? In what way? 
    What are you doing to celebrate African American History Month and honor those who have come before us? Please let us know!