Posts for August 2012

  • Academic Publishing: Why Not Let the Scholars Decide? by Kyna

    As we have discussed in a previous blog posting entitled, “The State of Academic Publishing, Present and Future,” dated 16 August 2012, there is presently an on-going internecine battle occurring between “traditionalists” and “modernists” over journal publishing – its process, its value, its cost.  Certainly, the battle lines are being drawn in the U.S.   The philosophical issues are tremendous and the practical implications for such things as hiring and tenure practices are astounding.


  • The state of academic publishing, present and future by Kyna

    A constant source of concern and discussion within the academy, publishing is an industry that is being turned on its head with new technology and new ideas which push against tradition and entrenched practice.  It is an economic, philosophical and academic issue.  Still alive and well is the phrase "publish or perish," often heard in academic circles, since the philosophy upon which it is based is strong and demands time of academics who might simply not have the time or are unable to even find a publisher for his/her books or articles.  Open access publishing is now a hot topic, particularly in the field of science, but is also working its way in as an alternative to traditional, hard copy, editorial board and peer review-based academic journals in the humanities and behavioral sciences.  Just take a look at the Directory of Open Access Journals to see the breadth and depth of scholarly journals which can be accessed online free of charge.

  • Foundation Resources for Students and Alumni by Kyna

    Are you taking advantage of the Foundation's resources?

    Many students find that they are able to benefit from resources we provide, especially online, whether it's research resources for doctoral work, staying up to date on what's happening at the Foundation, or maintaining connections with their fellow alumni.  But others might not be aware of all that we offer through our expansive website. 

    Did you know you can access dozens of doctoral theses in a range of fields through our Online Thesis Library?  Or that you can download required student forms? Or that you can find out the areas of specialization, religious affiliation and language proficiency of our faculty members who can serve as Project Consultants and Thesis Supervisors?

  • Are you planning to graduate in 2013? by Kyna

    If you are planning to graduate in 2013 but need to fulfill remaining course requirements, you may want to take a look at some study options at the Foundation.  We offer E-Tutorials which are convenient six-week online courses with individualized attention from faculty, as well as residential Foundation Institutes which are week-long, intensive doctoral-level seminars moderated by Foundation faculty.