E-Tutorial Registration Process

Step 1 - Click here to download the E-Tutorial contact e-mail address. Be sure to add the E-Tutorial email address on the PDF form to your safe sender list. Students wishing to request specific course dates must do so in advance of step 2. 

Step 2 – Order your book(s) that are listed under the E-Tutorial course description and have them in hand. Click here to be taken to the E-Tutorial course list.
Step 3Complete the registration form and click the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of this page (see below).
Step 4 – Receive an email containing the course syllabus and begin your course on the following Monday. 
Withdrawal/refund Policy 

Any student may choose to withdraw from an E-Tutorial course without penalty provided the withdrawal request is received before the first required course paper is submitted for faculty review. A student who chooses to withdraw after submitting the first course paper will receive an “incomplete” for the course (reflected on transcript). Any student who withdraws from an E-Tutorial course and later wishes to retake the same course will be required to pay a $600 E-Tutorial registration fee. Any student who withdraws from an E-Tutorial and wishes to register for a different E-Tutorial course in its place will be required to pay a $600 E-Tutorial registration fee. 

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