Jamila Al Rifai, Ph.D.

Jamila Al Rifai is Professor of Islamic Studies. She holds a bachelor's, master's and Doctor of Philosophy degree in jurisprudence from the University of Jordan. She is an associate professor on the Faculty of Sharia at the University of Jordan where she teaches Sharia and its foundations. Dr. Al Rifai holds an English Language Diploma and has an educational background that includes recitation, Tajweed, teaching methodologies and university evaluation methods for faculty, and management of universities and institutions of higher education. She has participated in, and presented her research at, various conferences in Jordan and the Middle East, including the Third Gulf Charity Conference (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) in 2008, the International Scientific Conference where she sat on the preparatory committee and presented work dealing with the Sharia texts (Quran and Hadith), and the first educational conference on violence in 2011.  

At the University of Jordan, Dr. Al Rifai also works with female students, participates in trips, and works with local communities and organizations. She serves as a member of the University of Jordan's Community Liaison Committee, formerly chaired the women's social committee, and is a member of the Jordan Scholars Association as well as a member of the Sharia College Council and the appointment committee at the University of Jordan. Formerly, Dr. Al Rifai served as a teacher with the Ministry of Education, as a member of the committee on Islamic Educational Curricula with the Ministry of Education, and as a Researcher at Al AlBeit University in Mafraq, Jordan. She has contributed to various publications, including books on Sharia policy, Islamic legislation, women's rights in Islam (a book which was presented to Her Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal who responded with a letter of appreciation for the book's valuable ideas), Islamic education, and jurisprudence foundations. Her work has also been published in the Jordan Magazine for Islamic Studies, Sharia and Law Magazine, the Guidance of Islam magazine, and the Al Dustour Newspaper
Religious Affiliation
  • Muslim
General Areas of Interests
  • Jurisprudence (Sharia law)
  • Islamic education
Specialized Areas
  • Sharia policy
  • Women’s rights in Islam
  • Religious dialogue
Areas of Service