John Moses, KCVO, D.Phil., D.D.

John Moses is John Macquarrie Professor of Anglican Theology. He is an Anglican priest who has held a variety of parochial, diocesan and cathedral appointments in the UK, including his years as the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Opportunities to lecture and to learn something of the life of the church in other countries have taken him to Hong Kong, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and the United States. His publications include books on atonement theology (The Sacrifice of God), church-state relations (A Broad and Living Way), the spirituality of the desert (The Desert), the life and writings of John Donne(One Equall Light), and an anthology for private devotion on prayer (The Language of Love). His book on Thomas Merton (Divine Discontent: The Prophetic Voice of Thomas Merton) will be published in the summer of 2014. He holds the degree of a Doctor of Philosophy from Nottingham University and honorary doctorates in recognition of his work from Anglia Ruskin University (Doctor of the University), Nottingham University (Doctor of Divinity) and GTF (Doctor of Divinity). His academic interests – reflected in part in his publications – include church-state/church-community relations, the practice of ministry, atonement theology, John Donne and Thomas Merton.

Religious Affiliation 
  • Anglican (Priest) 
General Areas of Interest 
  • Anglican Theology
  • Church-State Relations
  • Church-Community Relations 
Specialized Areas 
  • Theology of John Donne
  • Spirituality of Thomas Merton
  • Practice of Ministry 
Areas of Service 
  • Thesis Supervision
  • Project Consultant 
Faculty Contact