John Edward Mulvihill, S.T.D.

John Edward Mulvihill is Gratian Professor of Canon Law.  Dr. Mulvihill is the Adjutant Judicial Vicar of the Illinois Ecclesiastical Court of Appeals (2006 to date), and was also a Judge of the Wisconsin Ecclesiastical Court of Appeals (2007-2012).  He has earned four doctorates: Doctor of Theology (S.T.D., Gregorian University, Rome, 1971); Doctor of Ministry (D.Min., San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1990); Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Graduate Theological Foundation, 2008); and Doctor of Education (Ed.D., Graduate Theological Foundation, 2012). In 2016, he was inducted as a Fellow of the Graduate Theological Foundation and awarded the Doctor of Divinity honoris causa in recognition of his significant contributions to the fields of Canon Law and Tribunal Studies as the Gratian Professor of Canon Law and in honor of his life-long commitment as a priest to the Church and his ministry in the field of Canon Law as Adjutant Judicial Vicar of the Illinois Ecclesiastical Court of Appeals.
He was trained as an educator. His Papal Licentiate in Philosophy (Aquinas Institute, River Forest, 1967), his Pontifical Licentiate in Theology (Gregorian University, Rome, 1965), and his Pontifical Licentiate in Canon Law (Gregorian University, Rome, 1999), all prepared him to teach philosophy, theology, and Church law at a Pontifical Faculty. He has been a lecturer for the Institute for Continuing Education at the Casa Santa Maria of the North American College in Rome (1970), and the Institute of Spirituality in River Forest, Illinois (1976), has lectured in Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, Illinois (1989-1990), and has also been a lecturer for the Pastoral Institute of St. Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois (1992-1993). Dr. Mulvihill served as Episcopal Vicar for Religious (1971-1983). He was also the Associate Pastor and later Pastor of St. John Bosco Parish in Chicago (1965-1997) and has worked in Church tribunals in Chicago under three Cardinals (1967 to date). His more complete biography may be found here.  
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Religious Affiliation: 
  • Roman Catholic (Priest) 
General Areas Of Interest:
  • Archeology and Church History 
  • World Culture 
  • Religious Studies 
  • Pastoral Ministry  
Specialized Areas:
  • Catholic Canon Law
  • Pastoral Theology  


  • Latin
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