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AFTER THE CALL: The Structural and Functional Analysis of the Ministry Profession
BEING HUMAN: Perspectives on Meaning and Interpretation
BEYOND DIVINE INTERVENTION: The Biology of Right and Wrong
CLINICAL PSYCHOTHERAPY: A History of Theory and Practice  (2nd Edition)
Essays in Clinical Practice and Counseling Psychology    
IN THE ABSENCE OF GOD: Religious Humanism as Spiritual Journey
“IN THE BEGINNING…”: The Paleolithic Origins of Religious Consciousness    
THE MORGAN READER: A Compendium of Scholarly Papers in Psychology and Religion (From Clinical Psychotherapy and Counseling Psychology to Phenomenology and Philosophy of Religion and Culture)
____$15.00 (PDF only)                       
NATURALLY GOOD: A Behavioral History of Moral Development
POST-BIBLICAL RELIGION: Essays in Secular Spirituality
____ $25.00  
PRIVATE PRACTICE: A Guide for Clergy Considering a Counseling Career
____ $25.00                        
PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION: A Commentary on the Classic Texts
PSYCHOPATHOLOGY: A Clinical Guide to Personality Disorders
UNDERSTANDING OURSELVES: Essays in the History & Philosophy of the Social Sciences
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: The Terminal A.B.D. Phenomenon in Higher Education