Convocation and Graduation

 2020 Homecoming Graduation

June 4-5, 2020 
Oklahoma City, OK
The entire GTF community, including faculty, alumni, current students, and graduating students and their families, are invited to a major event in the history and life of the Graduate Theological Foundation. Our Homecoming Graduation will be held in our new program office location of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. The Mishawaka staff team and the Oklahoma City team will join together in leading this event.
A full schedule of events and information regarding hotel reservations can be viewed here

The Day of Convocation Graduate Presentation information can be viewed here.
Map of the area: 

Graduation apparel is not mandatory.  You may choose to wear clerical garb or dress clothes.  If you choose to purchase graduation apparel, the following are vendors from which academic gowns may be purchased.   Note: GTF does not sell or rent any graduation apparel.