Bachelors Degrees

As of 2014, Cloverdale College (the former undergraduate division of the Graduate Theological Foundation) has been incorporated into the GTF, which now is the degree-granting body for all undergraduate degrees. 

Students accepted to an undergraduate degree program prior to 2014 can find complete information about their degree in our Student Handbook:
Years 2006-2010:  please contact the office of the registrar:  
Current undergraduate degree program information can be found below. 
The GTF undergraduate degree-completion program allows students to maintain their professional positions while completing a bachelor’s degree in one of three areas: religious education, theology or sacred music. Specialized degree tracks are available for some degree programs to allow focused study in a particular area. A range of study options is also available to help students craft their own educational study plan. 
The GTF awards professional baccalaureate degrees, the Bachelor of Religious Education, Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Sacred Music, which are built upon practical skills needed to function professionally within the student’s chosen field. The GTF makes a distinction between a professional baccalaureate degree and a liberal arts degree. While a liberal arts education attempts to provide a broad foundation of general studies, the professional degree provides a concentration in practical skills which may be exercised in the student’s profession.
Bachelors Degrees
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